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Can you run it?

PC gaming isn't as easy as console gaming. If you have a poor graphics hardware laptop or an older PC, it is important to check if your machine can support a game before investing your hard-earned cash.
The good news is that PC gamers need not update their hardware as often as they used to. Even a gaming PC that was designed years ago should be able to handle just fine the newest games. And even then, a newer graphics card could be all you need to get more recent games going. Laptops not designed for gaming and older PCs are another matter.

Beware Intel Graphics
First, a big warning: If your computer uses integrated Intel graphics instead of using a dedicated NVIDIA or AMD graphics card, it is likely that you will have problems running new, graphically demanding games.Many laptops not explicitly billed as gaming laptops use integrated graphics from Intel which is cheaper and consumes less power. Typically, those gaming laptops offer both integrated graphics from Intel and a dedicated graphics card, switching between them based on what you are doing.Intel integrated graphics are also used by many desktop PCs to keep costs down. Yet with a desktop, buying and installing a dedicated graphics card is usually pretty easy to give yourself a gaming boost.
The performance of Intel's on board graphics has improved over the years but not nearly enough when it comes to gaming. Even the latest Intel graphics hardware is significantly slower than using a dedicated NVIDIA or AMD graphics card. If you only have Intel graphics, you may not even be able to play the lowest graphics settings of the newest games.

Check Your PC’s Specifications Manually

We will later cover a more automatic method but we will look at the manual method first. You'll need to know your computer's hardware— primarily its CPU speed, amount of RAM, and details about the graphics card. You can find this information in a variety of ways like looking up the specs of your laptop online.
Nonetheless, the easiest way to find all these data is with a knowledge device on the system. We recommend Speccy, made by the same company that makes the excellent CCleaner. Download, install, and fire Speccy. continue reading here.

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