If you’re looking for a reliable income stream you've come to the right place Coiner Market offers jobs to a wide range of people joining the network, we currently have openings for content writers who are looking to generate a good income stream through our network. Anyone can start working straight away if you have access to a computer and an internet connection. Coiner Market offers an affiliate program where customers can earn up to 0.75% per transaction of other customers you refer to Coiner Market using your referral link. The earning potential is unlimited the more clients you’re able to refer to us the more you can earn. If you refer a customer that transacts 10 transactions a month worth an average of $1000 your earning potential will be $7.5. this number might seem small but when you create an article on a high domain authority site 50-100 DA ranked website’s that refers a large number of customers, let’s say 100 customers and each make a total transaction at Coinermarket worth $1000, your net monthly income will result to $1000 X 0.75% = $7.5 X 100 which equals to $750 from one article posted. The good thing about writing blog’s is that your one article needs to be posted once on most websites and once its posted you can sit back and enjoy the endless income stream. Imagine your able to post 30 articles a month to high domain authority blogs/websites with your referral link and each article generates a total of 100 customers to Coiner Market with each customer transacting a total of $1000 monthly the result will $1000 X 0.75% = $7.5 X 100 = $750 X 30 which is equals to $22500 monthly straight into your account accessible and withdrawable at any given point in time and the earning potential is endless.


How to start working?

  • Write an article about Coinermarket (Your selling pitch).
  • Register an account at www.coinermarket.com
  • Login into your account dashboard and go to referral bonus.
  • Copy your referral link.
  • Link your article title or body text to your referral link.
  • Post your article on a 50-100 Domain rank blog/website.


Coiner market content writing guidelines?

Keep your audience in mind

Consider who will be reading and using your web content, What are they looking for, and what do they need? Be sure the tone, language and organization of content is appropriate for your audience.


Be concise

Web writing should be clear and direct. Keep sentences short. Remove words or descriptions that don’t add value to the content. As content strategist Margot Bloomstein says, "Thoreau instructed ‘simplify, simplify.’ You can do him one better. Here’s to snappy writing that gets to the point and knows when to stop!"

Make content scannable

Readers scan web pages before they read. If they don’t recognize useful, relevant content, they often move on.

Write meaningful headers

Readers rely on headers to navigate on-page content. Choose words for headers and sub headers that clearly describe the content they introduce. Boring, useful words are better than clever, obtuse words. 

Limit paragraphs to 70 words

I’ve seen numerous recommended word counts, but I’ve found a 70-word limit to be a practical and effective number in most cases. Of course, less is better.

Minimum article size

The required minimum shouldn’t be less than 500 words and about 1500 words.

Avoid posting the same articles

Please avoid posting the same articles on multiple website, doing so can be detrimental to Coiner Market, please avoid posting the same content as this will result to a ban from the network, we required fresh new article per post.

Avoid content rewriting software

Avoid using content rewriting software’s for one article as this can hurt Coiner marketer’s rating and potentially reduce the customer flow into the network.

Use Bulleted 

lists whenever possible: Bulleted lists are easier to scan and read than full paragraphs. If you are listing three or more items, consider using a bulleted list. For instructions or long lists like this one, consider using numbered lists for easy reference.

Use common language.

It’s essential for findability and SEO (search engine optimization) to use the same words and phrases your readers do. When creating page titles, headers, list items and links, choose keywords carefully. Additionally, be sure to use keywords consistently when creating web content. When used appropriately, this practice reinforces keyword relevancy for search engines, such as Google and your own internal search, thereby improving findability.

Be professional and human.

Think like a publisher and less like a marketer. Use a more conversational tone. Avoid jargon and buzzwords like "cutting-edge" or "leverage." Users are turned off by content that talks at them instead of with them. Consider how you would communicate with someone standing in front of you instead of via a traditional TV or radio advertisement. 

Include valuable links.

If additional useful, relevant and appropriate content exists elsewhere—on or off your website—link to it. Instead of repeating information that already exists on your site, link to this content as well. Consider what content elsewhere might add value to yours and improve usability. When possible, include links within your page copy to make them contextually relevant.