Blockchain Training

At coinermarket we offer a free training program for blockchain newbies interested in learning about blockchain technology, with a hands on guided tutor we take you through the basics of blockchain technology implementation concepts and show you how to operate the many features blockchain has to offer as well as the vast growing opportunities available to diversify your portfolio.  our basic training module covers the basics of creating a blockchain wallet all the way to trading digital assets, we also offer advance training modules for your requirement. classes are two time a week. Saturdays and Sundays 4:00pm GMT to 6:00 GMT. to register simply contact us on our hotline number to reserve a vacancy and we will do the rest.

Beginner Course Content:
  • Introduction To Blockchain Technology.
  • Wallet Setup.
  • Wallet Features.
  • Wallet Security.
  • Send/Receive Cryptocurrency.
  • Introduction To Crypto/Fiat Exchange.
  • Introduction To Trade Cryptocurrency.
  • Conclusion.
Duration: 2 Weeks/4 Classes 
Fee: Free